April News and Moon Days

Dear Yogi Friends,

As March comes to a close I am so grateful for the trajectory of Ashtanga Yoga in the valley. My Petite Shala is a traditional nourishing space that continues the lineage of Guruji and his heir Sharath Jois. Our students of this great practice continues to grow and flourish. Consider the swirl of controversy surrounding what is and is not lineage. Guruji was very clear and understood what would occur after his passing. He did not designate any other family member on any continent. He knew Sharath understood him better than anyone as Sharath studied under Guruji until the day he passed away.There is no conference, confluence, workshop or training that can replace being in the presence of this preserved lineage. I encourage you to have your own experience of this as Sharath comes to lead us at UCLA for 6 days May 29 – June 3. If you have not already registered, go
to http://sonima.com and follow the links. You can always find a list of certified and authorized teachers on http://kpjayi.org. There you will find a list of dedicated students who strive to uphold this lineage.and teach in the same way they were taught, one breath at a time.
Last month I introduced my new program, The Young Ashtangis….. here are a few photos of these remarkable young people who are navigating their way through Primary Series. They experience so many insights within the practice and within themselves.

Im also so humbled to let you know that I am returning to India. I have not been back to Mysore since 2010. I will be attending a special course taught by Sharath to authorized and certified teachers. This course is for 2 months during the summer. I will leave at the end of June and return at the beginning of September. He has outlined this as a time for teachers to deepen their own practice.. 2 months with my teacher with practice as the primary focus. I will write more on this as time approaches, for now I am so excited I can hardly contain myself.
Finally, April Led class will be this Saturday, April 2. Class will start this Saturday only at 10:30, 30 minutes later than our usual start time. The importance of practicing the correct vinyasa cannot be overstated as it is 1/3 of the mighty triad that brings the mind to stillness. If you miss this, practice is just form.
The April New Moon is Thursday April 7, and The Full Moon is Thursday, April 21. Please rest on these powerful and energetic days.
With deep gratitude and appreciation,