Meet the Instructors – Petra Gordon

Meet the Instructors

Meet Petra Gordon

I’m Petra. I’m a yogini, a mother, a free spirit, a traveler, a gardener, a cook, a barista and a chai wallah.

I have spent many months in India and in the West studying yoga in its traditional way. Over and over again I have adapted yoga to my life circumstances and it has become my way of life. It is from my very own experience that I share the teachings of yoga by weaving the ancient knowledge into today’s rhythm. May we all be happy and feel well.

My qualifications are:

  • 1998: Heart of Yoga Teacher Training, Sydney, Australia;
  • 2002: Authorization to teach Primary Series by KPJAYR/Sri K Patthabi Jois, Mysore, India;
  • 2008: Aquarian Teacher Training by KRI, Los Angeles, California,
  • 2010: Aquarian Level 2 Conscious Communication by KRI, Los Angeles, California;
  • 2012: Level 2 Authorization by KPJAYR/R. Sharath Jois, Mysore, India;
  • 2020: Yoga Success Training, Kiki Flynn, Online, USA

Petra Gordon